Kosovarian girl

Kosovarian girl
you´ve touched my heart, dear
as I saw your face and the story it tells
you´re pearly eyes smashing
diamond teeth flashing
history ~recalled within the sadness in your eyes...

Kosovarian girl
I forgot all about you
but now I do wonder where you have gone
in a land of destruction
your mind under construction
in this violent world you must be wandering around

# hold on to your dreams
even when the´re apart
from the madness you've seen
hold them tight in your heart
...keep in your heart...
...Kosovarian girl

Kosovarian girl
there no way to feel sorry
but I want you to know, I´m praying for you
far, far away dear
where hope lives beyond fear
will you ever return in the land you once lived

Kosovarian girl
will you promise me one thing
let your heart go on living, let your story be heard
will you keep your eyes flashing
will you make your smile smashingv so they can´t say they have won...
...they never win
...say they won´t ever win

Precious Princess

Deep inside my mind
I can hear your voice
A whisper like silence
Leaving me no other choice
To break down and suffer
In a pool full of lies
Torn apart by my conscious
My love for you dies

But then again I’m confused
with the love I’ve been seeing
My heart is still filled
With the memory of your being
Your beauty, your wisdom
Your eyes full of joy
You’re the girl-disguised princess
And I am still just a boy

Cry mother cry

Look at me, dearest mother
settle down, just lean against the wall
we have to care for each other
and now it´s my turn; I just can´t let you fall
´cause there´s a reason to believe
you used to tell me Who makes the world go round
and don´t forget you will receive
the greatest love you´ve ever found...
...a little place in heaven

so cry mother cry
like you always have wanted
but don´t die, never die
there´s so much to be granted
pleading for guilt
is a way for acceptance
but leaving with guilt
is no way to neglect things you did